Angel David Nieves, Ph.D.

1971 – 2023

Ángel David Nieves, Ph.D.

Dean’s Professor of Public and Digital Humanities and Professor of Africana Studies and History
Northeastern University

Ángel David Nieves Queer Latinx DH Project

We have organized this memorial site and page to allow people to leave messages, stories, and pictures. We ask that you also tag the location of these memories so that we can create a queer Latinx memorial mapping project to see, track, and meditate on his reach, his connections, his global network of family, friends, collaborators, students. We are planning a memorial celebration of his life in April in Boston. We will show the first iteration of this project at his memorial.

Ángel David Nieves DHSI Memorial Scholarship

In lieu of flowers and in his memory, we are asking that you donate to a memorial scholarship for housing and travel for BIPOC scholars at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute at the University of Victoria. It was a professional, social, and pedagogical space he was committed to for many years as he brought undergraduates, graduates, library professionals, staff, and other faculty in his DH orbit with him to this space. At DHSI, he took classes, taught classes, gave talks, and organized BIPOC DH meetups. He would be happy to know that for BIPOC scholars, there will be a chance to access this space regularly in the future.

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Support the Angel David Nieves DHSI Memorial Scholarship